Adaware Antivirus Free Download for Windows

Adaware Antivirus Overview:

Adaware Antivirus, one of the popular offline installer for Windows PC. Lavasoft, one of the fast growing anti-spyware company developed this software. This product gives in-depth and complete protection to your computer against spyware and online threats. Lavasoft Company categorized its service products into four types. They are Adaware antivirus free, Adaware antivirus pro professional security, Adaware antivirus total security, and Adaware ad block.

Adaware Antivirus provides the real-time protection against viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other malware. This software consists of a user-friendly interface with all the necessary functions, features, and the settings. Easy to understand and use by the new or an expert user.

This is an award-winning security software with the redesigned modern look when compared with another longstanding old antivirus version. Adaware Antivirus will give you a complete security solution and privacy for your personal network. It considered as the best anti-malware program in the market by its 99th percentile for protection. It acts against all forms of malware when tested in the independent labs by the AV comparatives and VB100.

How to Install Adaware Antivirus Software?

Click the below link at the bottom to download. After downloading, run the file to set-up. After that, you find a box with the license agreement. Click on the install button and continue by accepting terms and conditions. Finish the installation process using the given instructions. You have to reboot your PC after completion of installation process.

Major Highlighted Features of Adaware Antivirus are furnished below take a look at them:

  1. Provides Real-Time Protection: The Adaware Antivirus gives the real-time protection by its inbuilt smart scan technology. It runs in the background and scans all the files and folders and check for the maliciously corrupted files. It uses low system resources whether you’re in working mode or playing on the computer.Adaware Antivirus,Adware Antivirus Free download, Adaware Antivirus Images,Adaware Antivirus Photo,Adaware Antivirus Picture
  2. Multiple scanners: As compared with other antivirus products the Adaware antivirus has the different types of scanning option like Quick Scan, Full Scan, Custom Scan, Automated scan. In the Quick scan option, you can just scan the basic computer activity to detect the availability of any malware or spyware. The Full scan Option will allow you to check all the file and folders on the computer for any viruses or malware attacks. Custom Scan option allows you to scan the user specified areas for any malicious activities. The Fourth Option automated scan will allow you to scan only as per the scheduled specific time and day.Adaware Antivirus,Adware Antivirus Free download, Adaware Antivirus Images,Adaware Antivirus Photo,Adaware Antivirus Picture,Adaware Screenshot
    1. Anti-spam Filter with Email Protection: This feature allows the user using the Microsoft Outlook email client by storing the email on the local computer. It also monitors all the incoming and the outgoing emails. It automatically detects and blocks the emails with any malicious attachments. The Anti-Spam filter helps in identifying the Spam emails and also notifies the user.

Some Other Features of Adaware Antivirus:

  1. Browsing Protection: This Feature helps in protecting your computer from the sites that consist malware and it’s the inbuilt defense act as an additional layer and allows for safe web browsing and also checks with many databases for the latest phishing and malware links to give the updated protection against the online threats.
  2. Internet Protection: Adaware Antivirus protects your PC from the hackers attack and online threats by enabling the Firewall and the additional option will help to monitor all your network changes created by the malicious programs and block them before they enter and the stealth mode makes your computer invisible on the network.
  3. Kids Protection: This Feature allows the user to keep a control on the kid’s internet usage as well as the computer by parental control option which helps in filtering the content as per the child age and needs by keeping the child away from the adult content websites and banned websites. The user can also create their own categories of websites to block by using custom filters and give a safe internet browsing to their family.
  4. Active Control against Virus: It also prevents the entry of the malicious viruses, adware or malware that try to enter into your computer. It scans and detects the malware activity in order to blocks them instantly.

What are Good points and Bad Points of Adaware Antivirus?

 The Good:

  • Provides the Real-Time Protection against malware attacks
  • Multiple On-Demand Scanning options allow the PC to be in safe mode either at work or Play.
  • Easy Installation process with clear user Interface
  • Provides high Detection scores from the Independent tested labs and is one of the best online security software since 1999.
  • Provides Up-to-date Protection against the latest threats
  • Uses Less system Resource

The Bad:

  • The absence of Technical Support availability of a detailed manual and an FAQ, and a forum for help.
  • Limited functionality in the free version.

Minimum System Requirements for Installing Adaware Antivirus:

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 7
  • 5 or higher version of Microsoft Windows Installer
  • Hard Disk Space:1.8 GB available free hard disk space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)
  • Processor:1.6 MHz processor
  • RAM:1 GB of memory (RAM)

How to Download Adaware Antivirus?

Click the below link to download Adaware Antivirus which is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System (OS).

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