BlueStacks App Player for Windows 7/8/10 Free Download

BlueStacks is the Wonderful Tool to manage and run all the Android Applications on Computer. It is also a great Platform to Play Games on PC with Full Support for over 1.5 Million Android Games. It is Compatible with Windows, and Mac OS. Bluestacks allows Multitasking of different Applications and offers the Features like watching or Streaming online Video-Based applications.

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BlueStacks has developed on the Basis of issues and Problems of Gamers. Playing games on Android Games is Sometimes creates distractions of Notifications and alerts, or even get the Problem of Battery issues. Having all the Games of Android in one Single App Manager on PC creates more comfort for Playing Games.

Why Choose Bluestacks App Player?

After considering all the Features of BlueStacks, It has found that it has a Very Simple User Interface to manage all the Applications. The Strong Reason to choose Bluestacks is Multi-Tasking Capability, which makes user handle different tasks on multiple applications in Single Software. This Desktop tool creates a Complete Android environment in the User System. It also facilitates the user with Synchronization of applications in Android Mobiles.

Features BlueStacks App Player:

BlueStacks App Player, Bluestacks Download, Free Bluestacks, Apps for Bluestacks, PC BlueStacks, Bluestacks for Android

Manual Apk Files Addition:

Ever thought of Downloading an Apk File from Web Browser and Installing the Application? Then, Bluestacks helps the user to trace the Apk Files of Android Applications in the Hard Disk and allows installing the application


BlueStacks is Compatibility with Windows PC and also Mac OS along with Intel, AMD, Qualcomm and Samsung processors. It also facilitates Android Environment for Mac Users with the full support of all the favorite Android Applications.


Having trouble in managing all the Mobile Applications? Then access the Bluestacks feature to Synchronize all the Android Applications and work on every individual Application. In order to sync all the applications of your Android device, then add Google Play Account in the Bluestacks.


Bluestacks mainly developed to create Android Environment in PC. Hence, it allows Multi-tasking by running Multiple Applications similar to working on Android Mobiles. Open all the Applications such as Social media Apps, Chat or Messenger and your favorite Game which alerts for every notification.

BlueStacks App Player Pros and Cons:


  • Simple and User-Friendly Interface
  • Ability to Run All Android Applications
  • Multi-Tasking
  • It Supports Most of the Games
  • It helps to create Complete Android Environment on PC


  • Computer with lesser than 4GB RAM when encounter System Hang
  • It allows only Android Applications

BlueStacks App Manager System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Disk Space: 4GB

File Size: 319MB

Free Download BlueStacks App Player for Windows 32 Bit

Free Download BlueStacks App Player for Windows 64 Bit

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