K7 Total Security Free Download for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

K7 Total Security offers multiple tools to Safeguard PC from all the Kinds of Viruses, Trojans, and Threats. It has great exposure to Threats which could Cause System Crash. The Key Features of K7 Total Security are Parental Controls, Quick Scan, Email Protection, Privacy security and Permanent deletion. All the Tools designed to support and avoid all types of Trojans from External devices and online sources.

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K7 Computing Private Limited has released three Products: K7 Total Security Plus, K7 Total Security, and K7 Anti-Virus Premium. And here will give you an Overview of Trial Version of K7 Total Security.

Why Choose K7 Total Security?

It has powerful Tools to protect PC against Online Threats. Blocking all the Malicious URLs is the strong reason to Support the Users. It detects all the Spam Mails with Web-Mail Security and Alerts for Unwanted emails from Combining with the Personal Mails and Data. It also has a Good Customer Support which gives response quickly to User Query and issues.

K7 Total Security Features:

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Parental Control:

Children and Other Family Members may require Internet Access for Education and Work basis. So, we have to provide a Safe and Secure Internet access which requires a Web-Security. K7 Total Security also take charge of all the Unsafe and Bad Websites from reaching the devices.


Softwares which are developed to spy on user credentials may Trick the people and loot the Sensitive information. This type of Activity is called as Phishing and K7 Software has Antidote for this threats.


Moreover, it Scans all the Files which are on Hard Disk and detects the Malware automatically. It alerts the user in case of Critical System health Status.

Email Security:

It detects all the Scam and Spam Content from all the Received Email and also grabs the hidden malware in the Emails.

Privacy Protection:

It protects all the Sensitive, Personal and also Banking Credentials with Advanced Privacy Security. This Allows the User to have a Safe Banking as well as Shopping Facility.

Permanent Deletion:

Saved any Credentials on the PC? Delete all the Sensitive information with K7 Security to get a Tool to erase the data permanently before you sell your Computer.

Real-Time Security:

Real-Time Protection Features Creates a Security Zone in order to Stay active and Alert the System.

K7 Total Security Pros and Cons:


  • Block all the Unwanted URLs
  • Email Spam Detection
  • Great Customer Support


  • It takes lot of time to Load and Run
  • Low Score in Auto-Protection

K7 Total Security System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

RAM: 512MB

Disk Space: 400MB

File Size: 175MB

Version: Trial

Internet Access to Activate the Program and Get the updates

Free Download K7 Total Security Software for 32 Bit

Free Download K7 Total Security Software for 64 Bit

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