Opera Browser Download for Windows, Mac and Linux

Opera Browser is the Free and Lightweight Web Browser helps to get Fastest Web Browsing over the Internet. Since two Decades, it is serving Millions of Internet Users with High-quality Features. An Innovative Browser with all the features updated before any other browser even thought of them. Opera Browser is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux Operating System.

Overview of Opera Browser:

opera browser download for windows, Opera Browser New Version, Free Download Opera Software, Opera Offline Installer,Opera protects online User activities with both privacy Security and AD blocker Options. All the Extensions available collectively in Opera browser where no other software provides. The Key Features are: Ad blocker, Synchronization, Improving the battery Life, Privacy security, Bookmark Manager, Currency Conversion and News Feed. Easily manage bookmarks with Data sync on Opera. It also shows the daily news feed on the Wall of opera.

Why Use Opera?

Firstly, Simple Interface and navigation attract more users. The embedded features make Ease of Use for Internet Surfing. AD-Blocker as well as Privacy protection help to gain control of Adware programs from entering the PC. Using multiple devices and creating bookmarks on all the devices made easy with Synchronization of Data. Opera Web Browser improves the Battery Life by lowering the System resources.

Features of Opera Browser:

Opera Browser New Version, Free Download Opera Software, Opera Offline Installer,Privacy Security:

Maximum of the VPN services cost you, and it requires special software and devices. Companies use the Private network to Share the Information with Cable. By default, Opera browser acts as VPN service. It not only allows the data Transfer but also secures information in the network.

Currency Conversion:

Make Online Shopping Easier with Currency Converter because it helps to check all the expenses on User Currency Rates.

AD Blocker:

WebPages with Ads in it takes more time than WebPages without ads. Having an Ad-blocker saves a lot of time to the user. Opera Browser has embedded Ad-blocking System blocks all ads and increases the Browsing Speed.

Longer Battery Life:

In addition, Opera has added a Special feature: Battery Saver. It actually improves the Battery life by extending standby time to an hour more.

Fast Browsing:

Moreover, Opera Browser facilitates shortcuts in the web browser to manage Tabs at Ease. It allows Multi-Tasking with Multiple Tab Functioning. For quick access, frequently used tabs kept aside.

Bookmark Manager:

Create Bookmarks of your favorite websites/blogs in Opera Browser on multiple devices and access them anywhere in the world. It allows creating individual folders for every Bookmark. Opera offers the Synchronization which makes, even more, easier for getting access to all the bookmarks and extensions.

Opera Browser Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • Fastest Web Browser
  • Synchronization of Password, Bookmarks, and Extensions


  • Sites Loading Error ( Occasionally)

Opera Browser System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10: RAM-512MB, Disk Space-400MB

Mac (OS X Mavericks (10.9) & Later): RAM-2GB, Disk Space-400MB

Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 & later): RAM-2GB, DiskSpace-400MB

Download Opera Browser:


Mac OS


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